About Me

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The world has become noisy for everyone. We are constantly distracted by the noise from colorful ads, catchy jingles, colorful screens from our gadgets, and other stressors that may leave us anxious and for others, depressed.

When I was suffering from anxiety, I exerted as much effort as I can because I know that I am the only person who can fix me. When I was researching alternative ways to cure my anxiety, one of the things I found was listening to music. As a music lover, this could not have come anymore handy. I discovered different types of music that affect the brain and heartbeat to be more calm, self-aware, and at peace.

I share my story, my troubles, and how I battled anxiety through music and meditation. Teekomusic.com will serve as your guide as you discover new ways to overcome whatever is troubling your mind. Make sure to turn on your notification to get updates whenever a new post is published.

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