Hands-Free Ways to Celebrate Your Clitoris

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You might think this title is a bit too sensational, but your clitoris really does deserve that you celebrate it. It’s a part of your body that is there solely to provide you sexual pleasure. Well, that’s not entirely true; it has a role in female reproduction, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a fantastic thing to have!

Clitoris stimulation is not just a plus you get for being a woman. It’s actually crucial to reaching orgasm, as most women can’t climax from just penetration. Here, we’ll discuss it and see how you can have fun without getting your hands dirty.

Why Does the Female Clitoris Give So Much Pleasure?

Before we get to the fun part, let’s just take a moment and check out why the clitoris is the way it is. As we all know, it’s a sex organ exclusively on a female body (but not only in humans) that provides maximum pleasure to its, let’s say, owner. It’s basically an erogenous zone that gets us into the mood and allows us to experience sexual satisfaction.

The clitoris is essentially an erogenous zone. What’s that? Well, it’s any extra sensitive part of your body and full of nerve endings that respond to stimulation by arousing you. Some people consider feet as erogenous zones, some not; it’s different for anyone. However, some zones, such as nipples and the neck, are universal for all. Essentially, the way these zones work is, the more nerve endings there are, the more fun you’ll have.

The thing with the clitoris is, it has the most nerve endings of all body parts, that’s why it’s so pleasurable to stimulate. In fact, the clit alone has more than 8,000 different nerve endings in it. The entirety of a man’s penis, for example, has barely half as many!

Why Go Hands-Free When Masturbating?

When we talk about , many instantly think of something kinky and public. Some take it that you have to be on a train surrounded by unsuspecting passengers to be able to experience hands-free fun.

However, while this scenario does work for some people, that’s not why we’re here. This action doesn’t need to involve any public fantasy or anything similar. Hands-free masturbation is just a different type of stimulation. Think of it as a new sex position you’re trying out on yourself; it breaks up the repetitiveness of regular masturbation, and you get to keep things exciting.

You’d be surprised to learn how many different ways there are to stimulate your clitoris. While they may not be as powerful as some more traditional ones, they’re excellent bits of fun. Sometimes, you can get excited by just thinking about it. With other methods, you need to use a sex toy in the shape of a hands-free vibrator. Let’s check some of these methods out.

Using the Shower

Many people find that water itself can be a fantastic stimulator. You can use the showerhead to point the flow of water at your clitoris. Just remember to make sure that you don’t spray water directly inside the vagina. Then, try playing with the temperature a little bit, as that can get you going — just don’t go too hot. While that might not get you to orgasm, it can set the right mood.

If you want to up the ante a little bit, you can incorporate some sex toys into your water sport. For instance, get yourself a dildo with a suction cup that you can attach and ride without your hands. With a dildo, you can internally stimulate your clitoris, which provides a different sensation from regular bean-flicking. You can also buy a hands-free vibrator that stimulates the clit from the outside, but make sure it’s entirely waterproof.

Use Your Pillows

Pillows can be an excellent source of entertainment; you don’t have to use them just as a sleeping accessory. They’re fantastic because they’re so soft, and you don’t have to worry about any chafing.

The way you use them is by placing one between your legs. After that, you’ll need your hands for just a moment to move the labia and expose your clitoris. Then, place the pillow against it and start grinding. Basically, you will be dry-humping the pillow, which will stimulate your clitoris. Simultaneously, your hands will be free to have fun with other parts of your body.

You can also use a pillow while having fun with a vibrator. All you need is a hands-free vibrator, and you can use a pillow as a kickstand to get in a comfortable position. Just place it under your hips and have an incredible time!

Use Your Mind

Sometimes, it’s enough just to have some dirty thoughts to get yourself wet down there. Again, it might not get you to climax, but you’ll be able to have fun with just your thoughts. For example, you can watch porn or listen to some erotica. If you have a partner, exchange some dirty messages. Perhaps the best moment to do that is before you go to sleep, as this can induce some pretty colorful dreams.

Use a Vibrator

Lastly, we have the most potent way of getting you there without the use of your hands. If you’re particularly interested in clitoris stimulation (and since you’re reading this, you likely are), we recommend a butterfly vibrator, specifically the one from lovegasm.co. These vibrators cover your vulva entirely, but they focus on providing vibrations to the clitoris. They also come with straps so that you can tie them in place and not hold them. They often feature different speeds and vibrational patterns to keep your clitoris guessing. It will excite you (and your clit) to no end, all the while your hands will be free to deal with other things.

Since these toys are small and discrete, you can carry them to other places. And if you’re a bit adventurous, use them while others are around. You can also remotely access the settings, so you don’t have to go to your nether region to switch things up!

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