Meditation and Sex: The benefits of daily meditation to your sex life

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Meditation has many benefits, which is why so many people practice it on a daily basis. It involves a quiet solo time while you focus on yourself and your thoughts. It’s also recommended by hundreds of successful people as one of the things that can help increase daily productivity and overall health.


Meditation won’t just help you have a more successful life, though. It can help you with your health, and you can even end up improving your sex. That’s how powerful it is. In this article, we’ll go over some of the benefits of meditation to sex, confirmed by thousands of couples around the world.

The Connection Between Meditation and Sex

The goal of meditation is to help one to live in the moment, control their thoughts without any distraction, and be at ease. Most of us pretend our partners are fully present all the time, while we know very well this is not the truth. Sometimes we may get distracted, and that lowers the chances of an amazing sex session. 


When people say, “It’s all in your head!” they couldn’t be more right. Most of the time, sex-related issues aren’t physical but psychological. Truthfully, the more mindful we are when we connect physically with our partners, the better the intimacy. In fact, a particular study showed that people who practice more mindfulness tend to have a stronger libido.

Meditation Improves Blood Flow

In men, low blood flow limits erection quality, which equals low sex performance. That means that for better sex, men must have a good blood flow to enhance penile erection when aroused.


For women, low blood flow means a dry vagina which may make sex even more uncomfortable during penetration. A dry vagina is also highly vulnerable to vaginal yeast infections.


Meditation increases blood flow in the body. Studies have shown that blood flow increases in the body during meditation. The blood circulates efficiently to properly transport oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body organs.


When body organs get enough oxygen, they also tend to work better. Getting your blood flowing also reduces your stress levels. Having a stress-free session will predictably improve your sex life. The better you can concentrate on yourself and your partner, the better the sex will be. 

Meditation Relieves Stress

A good sex life determines how stress-free you are. You cannot be all stressed about your job or any other aspects of life and expect a good time with your partner in the bedroom. 


Meditation helps with that. When we meditate, our main job is to focus on the moment and try to avoid any negative thoughts. This subsequently brings about a deep sense of tranquility and relaxation.


Even during the toughest of days, meditation will help you control your emotions and how you react to certain situations. Once you master how you react to certain situations and stress-related triggers, you’ll be able to focus on the moment you’re in and enjoy intimate moments with your partner.


Of course, the more you practice meditation, the bigger the chances you’ll have of mastering it. This ancient technique won’t relieve you from stress right away, but it is one of the most popular choices when it comes to managing stress.

Meditation Gives Relaxation and Induces Sleep

One of the reasons why so many people meditate is that it gives them a sense of relaxation and helps them sleep. However, it requires time, patience, and most of all, practice.


The popularity of this meditation technique is soaring not just because of its vast number of benefits but because people seek new ways to relax and take their minds off of things that cause them stress and anxiety. The great thing about this technique is that it helps in the sack too. After all, when you are well-rested, your libido rises, and so do your energy levels, which are essential for a good time in the sheets.

Meditation Trains You to Be Focused

Meditation takes time to master, and patience is the first thing you need to learn if you want to enjoy all the benefits of meditation. 


Meditating for only 10–15 minutes a day will help you train your brain into being much more focused and able to return to the important tasks of your everyday life. 


Distractions are unfortunately present every day, and they can really hurt our productivity. Checking your email, social media, or just answering a business call if you’re in the middle of something else can significantly reduce the amount of work you’re able to do in a day. The same applies to your sex life: the more distractions you have, the worse you’ll perform in the bedroom.

Improving sex life through meditation takes time, but it’s worth it. By focusing on your partner alone, you’ll not only enjoy sex, but you’ll be able to perform much better compared to when there are hundreds of thoughts running through your mind. Do you know why Sunday-morning sex is the best? Because people are the most relaxed then.

Meditation Also Build Self-Reliance

Once you start practicing meditation, you’ll slowly start embracing it after experiencing some of the benefits we’ve covered. Your body and mind will be healthier, and you’ll improve your sex life significantly.


After getting into the habit of meditation, you’ll notice improvements in all aspects of life. This will help you become more self-reliant, and it will boost your confidence drastically. But more importantly, the people around you will notice a drastic improvement in you. This will also help you maintain and improve relationships with people you care about.


Having confidence in yourself is a key factor for overall success in life. Meditation can help boost confidence as it gives you more control of your emotions and the ways you react to different situations. If you’re not sure about the benefits of meditation, give it a try for a month and see for yourself what happens.

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